Listening to the bees - Webinar

Thursday 14th of February 8 - 9.30pm (GMT)

It is well known that the priceless honey bee is facing a crisis world-wide. Whole colonies collapse in tragic numbers, pests and diseases grip the hives and pesticides are named as the number one contributor to the weakening of the bee immune system and general health. This is all true. But there is another major factor contributing to the decline of the honey bee and sadly that is modern beekeeping.

Over the last couple of hundred years, beekeeping has devolved into a producer-consumer relationship with industrial beekeepers essentially becoming factory farmers. The methods employed to maximise honey production come at the expense of the bees ability to express themselves and the hive in the way that is natural and beneficial to them and this is weakening them.

Fortunately, there is a movement of beekeepers springing up around the world who wish to keep their bees in a more natural way using no chemicals in the hive, providing more natural shaped hives and even helping the bees re-wild themselves back into the forests. 

What I have discovered in my own experience with 'keeping' bees is that the most important thing is to stop relating to them as 'non-sentient producers' working for us but instead see them for what they are: wise, intelligent beings with their own destiny to fulfil. In essence, to respect them once again.

Next, we can learn how to listen to them, both by observation and direct communication. Then we can begin to understand what they want and need and provide that for them. I call this Bee-led beekeeping and it is about allowing the bees to show us the way into a co-creative, mutually beneficial relationship for the good of us all.

This webinar will give a glimpse into the world of listening to the bees. It will be in parts experiential and we will need to shift our inner position to really understand and be receptive to hearing the bees. This can take time but with willingness, we can begin to experience a completely new relationship with the bees almost straight away.
I will also share some of my experiences of listening to the bees and how I have incorporated that into not only beekeeping but other aspects of how I relate to and regenerate the land. I will share the vision for the Bee-forest and Bee-temple Sanctuary that is part of the work of the Awakened Forest Project. There will also be time for questions and answers.
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We will be using Zoom for the webinar, which is an online video meeting platform. If you have not used it before it is very easy to use.

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Thursday 14th of February 8 - 9.30pm (GMT)

It is well known that the priceless honey bee is facing a crisis world-wide.

Quinta da Floresta, Benfeita Saturday September 7th 10.30 - 4pm

I am very happy to announce another opportunity to begin to learn the art and science of foraging in our beautiful valley in the Serra do Açor.

Quinta da Floresta, Benfeita - Date TBC 2018

People have retreated to wild places for millennia to find inner peace and a greater perspective on life. Nature, in it’s simplicity and beauty, supports a profound relaxation in body, mind and soul.


It has been a long time since I have written a blog post because so much has been ongoingly changing in the last year. I wanted to wait until the dust and ash had settled and I knew where I would be before I wrote.

Many of the plants and trees the bees and other insects thrive on have burnt in the October fires and will not be flowering this year and some not next year either if they recover at all. Here are my suggestions on how to help the pollinators through these lean times.

God these are heartbreaking times. Rain that was so longed for in the summer is now pouring off these hills taking soil and stone and track with it onto the terraces and into rivers.

Many people have asked us how they can help in the wake of the fires and all we have lost. We are very touched and grateful for these offers of support. Here are some ways you can help:

We have started building the second floor of the workshop!! This will be our last major build here and will provide a dormitory and meditation/workshop room which will increase our capacities for events and hosting people, especially outside of the summer months.